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Doctor Padla’s Ten Commandments

I pondered long and hard as to why my patients have difficulty losing weight. The following are some of my thoughts as to why this is so. This is to be used as part of a comprehensive program to maximize health.

The Ten Commandments

1. Thou must get control of your life before you get control of your weight.
2. Thou shall love thyself at least as much as thy neighbor.
3. My body is a sacred gift.
4. Thou shall not overextend thyself.
5. Thou shall say the word “no” frequently.
6. Thou shall confront unhappy relationships.
7. Thou shall not be passive.
8. Thou must simplify the daily schedule.
9. Thou must abandon or accept others dysfunction.
10. Thou must know thyself.

Words of Wisdom

1. A happy mind is a thinner body.
2. A fast-paced lifestyle leads to overeating.
3. If you’re life plate is over filled, so will be your dinner plate.
4. You deserve to be thinner.
5. Don’t overreact when others comment about your beauty, even if inappropriate.
6. Your thoughts make you miserable, not your weight.
7. Control starts with you.
8. The key to weight loss is to dismantle one’s emotional resistance to health.

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